ODONTOGENIC TUMOURS IN BENIN CITY, NIGERIA: analysis of 220 cases and review of literature Odontogenic tumours in Benin City, Nigeria

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O F Omoregie
D S Okoh
M A Ojo


OBJECTIVE: Recent reports suggest a high incidence of odontogenic tumours in Nigerians, particularly ameloblastoma. This study further evaluates the age, gender, duration, site of occurrence and various histopathologic types of odontogenic tumours in the South-South Nigerian population.
METHOD: The patients’ case notes, biopsy reports and histopathology slides of 1298 diagnosed cases of orofacial lesions between January 1991 and April 2014 were retrospectively reviewed. Patients with odontogenic tumours were selected and the age, gender, duration, site and histopathologic types of the lesion were analyzed.
RESULTS: Two Hundred and twenty (17.0%) of the patients had odontogenic tumours among the diagnosed orofacial lesions within the study period. The patients’ ages ranged from 7 to 73 years, with a mean age of 32 + 1.4 years and the peak age group was the 3rd decade of life (n=63, 28.6%). There were 114 (51.8%) males and 106 (48.2%) females, giving a ratio of 1.1: 1. The mean duration of the lesions on presentation was 43 + 5.6 months and posterior mandible was
the commonest site (n=139, 63.2%) of the lesions. Ameloblastoma (n=167, 75.9%) was the most common histopathologic type of the odontogenic tumours, which was significantly associated with the posterior mandible (n=107, 48.6%) [p=0.000]. This was distantly followed by odontogenic myxoma (5.0%). 

CONCLUSION: This study shows a high incidence of ameloblastoma and a lower overall prevalence of odontogenic tumours in younger age groups with variable gender distribution and fairly similar site predilection of the various histopathologic types of odontogenic tumours compared to previous reports.

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Omoregie, O. F., Okoh, D. S., & Ojo, M. A. (2015). ODONTOGENIC TUMOURS IN BENIN CITY, NIGERIA: analysis of 220 cases and review of literature: Odontogenic tumours in Benin City, Nigeria. African Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Medicine, 1(1), 16 - 26. Retrieved from https://ajompm.com/index.php/ajmp/article/view/74

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