THE USE OF ‘GARCINIA KOLA’ IN THE TREATMENT OF ORAL CANDIDA INFECTION IN HIV PATIENTS The use of ‘Garcinia Kola’ in the treatment of oral candida

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A A Abah
G A Agbelusi
O A Odukoya
P O Ayanbadejo
O A defule-Ositelu
K E Adebiyi


BACKGROUND: The antifungal effect of chlorhexidine has been demonstrated for the treatment of oral candidiasis in Human Immunodeficiency virus positive patients. However, it is associated with teeth and mucosal staining, bitter taste and it is not readily available in an average Nigerian pharmacy shop. Garcinia kola is affordable, widely available antifungal agent with no reported side effects. This study aims to determine the effect of Garcinia kola extract on oral Candida infection in HIV patients; to compare its efficacy with chlorhexidine mouthwash and to assess the side effects of Garcinia kola.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A double blinded clinical trial was carried out on newly diagnosed HIV patients with clinically diagnosed Candida infection at Aids Preventive Initiative of Nigeria clinic of Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. They were also screened for other medical conditions. Garcinia kola extract and chlorhexidine mouthwash were administered for 3 weeks to the patients randomly selected into the two treatment groups of 33 patients each.

RESULTS: Sixty one patients completed the study, with 33 patients on G. kola and 28 patients on chlorhexidine. Oral Candidiasis was cleared with Garcinia kola in 27 (81.8%) patients, while 20(71.4%) patients had it cleared with chlorhexidine at the end of the 3rd week. There was no statistical significant difference between patients’ response to Garcinia kola and chlorhexidine.
CONCLUSION: This study has shown that Garcinia kola is effective against candida infection. For cost-effective treatment of oral candida infection in resource limited countries, Garcinia kola may be considered a preferred alternative to chlorhexidine.

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Abah, A. A., Agbelusi, G. A., Odukoya, O. A., Ayanbadejo, P. O., defule-Ositelu, O. A., & Adebiyi, K. E. (2015). THE USE OF ‘GARCINIA KOLA’ IN THE TREATMENT OF ORAL CANDIDA INFECTION IN HIV PATIENTS: The use of ‘Garcinia Kola’ in the treatment of oral candida. African Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Medicine, 1(1), 27 - 33. Retrieved from