A Case Report of Marfan’s Syndrome and a Review of the Literature A case of Marfan syndrome

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N M Chukwumah
O J Olubor


BACKGROUND: Marfan’s syndrome is an autosomal dominant, multisystemic disorder of the connective tissue with variable inheritance patterns. Its cardinal features affect mostly the cardiovascular, ocular and skeletal systems. It is panethnic with no sex predilection and may be diagnosed prenatally, at birth, childhood or well into adulthood.

OBJECTIVE: This article aimed at enlightening dental professionals on the presentation and early recognition of patients with Marfan’s syndrome.

CASE REPORT: An 11-year old female previously undiagnosed of any syndrome, presented to the dental clinic with a resolving dental abscess on tooth 26 and dental caries of 16, 36 and 46. She showed features of skeletal disproportion, arachnodactyly (long slender fingers with prominent finger joints), flat feet and pectus carinatum (pigeon chest). Facial examination revealed a convex profile and elongated face, there was no dental crowding. Her dental abscess was managed by extraction with antibiotic cover while other carious lesions were restored. She was then referred to an ophthalmologist and a cardiologist for further examinations and investigations, which revealed she had features of Marfan syndrome.

CONCLUSION: This case report demonstrates the early recognition of signs and symptoms of this syndrome and the referral of the patient to other professionals for management to prevent severe life threatening complications associated with the syndrome.

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